pere nocel coinceHello, my child,

You want to know why my sons call me the Great Sage and I’m no longer able to come down the chimney

You know, once upon a time, a very, very long time ago, my friend Clement Clarke Moore saw me in his dreams in the company of my reindeers named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. Then, he decided to describe me to all the people living on this planet. I was an elf tall as an apple. As you can imagine, an apple can easily come down a chimney and I was much less round than the apple... hahahaha! You know, it was a lot of fun when I used to surprise you by coming down the chimney to bring you little gifts. I have to admit, I used to get dirty sometimes, but shh, we don't have to tell everybody.

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But one day, I visited Thomas NAST who told me that I reminded him of his Bavarian grandfather and he started sculpting me to give me a surprise. When I saw the result, I shouted, "Oh, what a mess!" In shock, he asked me: "Did I do something wrong?". I asked him back, "Are you sure I look like this?" Astonished, he replied: "Yes, I have portrayed you exactly the way I see you". I told him that he must have drawn his grandfather and not me. I think he was upset. He said, "Wait a minute, I'll be back!" I waited, he came back with a rope. He used it to measure the size of my belly, then he walked towards a jar, circled it and proudly said to me, "That's the size of your belly!". "So, I won't be able to easily come down the chimney anymore," I told him. He mockingly replied: "You probably still can, but not for much longer".

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As I travelled back and forth across your planet, I also happened to grow up as time went by, but the good news was that when I saw Washington Irving's painting, I became aware that I had lost my big belly. I was disappointed of having grown up, but I was also happy because I thought to myself: "I can still come down the chimney!". My friend Washington Irvin gave me a skeptical look and asked me, "Are you sure about that?" What an absolute mess! I shouted to myself. Haddon Sundblom thought I was talking about his painting, he was scratching his head, like he didn't understand anything. To reassure him, I replied, "I can no longer come down a chimney!". He looked at me with a surprised look and said, "Are you really sure, I thought you were aware of this a long time ago?"....

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A few years later, I went to Haddon Sundblom's house. He too decided to do a painting of me and asked me to pose. Proud as a peacock, I adopted my most charming pose. His brush was coming and going over his canvas so quickly that I figured that I had probably regained my size once again and that I would be able to come back down the chimney without any problem. When he exposed his painting to me, I almost fainted, just like when I was visiting the hot countries wearing my winter clothes. Not only had I grown up but I also grew old and had developed the enormous belly of a beer drinker. What a mess! I exclaimed. Haddon Sundblom thought I was talking about his painting, he was scratching his head, looking like he didn't understand a thing. In order to reassure him, I said to him: "I can no longer come down a chimney!". He looked at me with a startled look and said, "Are you really sure, I thought you had been conscious about this for a while now?"... I regained my good mood and said to him: "I can't tell the children that I'm climbing through the window, come on, hahaha!". Did you know, my little ones, that I look totally different on my planet? Hahahaha... In fact, I am or I am not... Now my two sons call me "The Great Wise Man".

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Since I'm very determined, you know that, I went to see Lyllah ROZ, I asked her: "How do you see me?" I couldn't believe it. Do you know what she said to me? She became quite serious and said to me: "Great Wise Man, the time has come for you to let your two beloved sons take over and you know it... Of course I know it... I wanted to stay a little longer on your planet... But it doesn't mean that I won't come and secretly join my dear sons as they distribute toys and do the Grownup work that I have entrusted them with.... hahaha. I will also tell you a secret that you can share with all your friends: "I am the Legend that was created to restore love and sharing on your planet."

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