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Why is the  "Great Wise Santa Claus"  leaving his place?

The great sage decides to abandon the place because the time has come for him to devote himself to his true mission. His favorite task is to choose the human dads who will be helping the two young Santa Clauses: the "Santa Claus of the North" and the "Santa Claus of the South". He must also give them instructions to help the dads and moms of children in special need throughout the year.


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Do you wonder why he chose two Santa Clauses?

The young "Santa Claus of the North" has always distributed gifts dressed as the "Great Wise Man". But he had a very big problem. When he went to the countries of the Southern Hemisphere, where the weather is very hot, dressed in his winter clothes, he would feel like he was dying of heat and would faint. That's why the "Great Wise Santa Claus" decided that it was better to send the "Santa Claus of the South" to the very hot countries in December. To make it short, Kovani decided to give a nickname to the "Santa Claus of the North": "SCN" and to the "Santa Claus of the South": "SCS".

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